Optimize credit record – how it works?

Renting an apartment, paying the package by invoice or the mobile phone flat rate with top surfing speed: You can only get all this with a ” good credit record“. It is all the most important that you optimize your profile. What is so easy to say is shrouded in mystery. Because how the credit risk is calculated is under lock and key. This secretiveness has even been approved by a court. However, there are a few pointers to behaviors that lead to a good score! We have put them together for you.


Do not buy anything that you cannot pay off

credit payment

In times of low interest rates, the temptation to take out more loans than is absolutely necessary is great. Hands off! Every loan is saved at credit record. The entry remains for 3 years – calculated from the full repayment of the loan. That alone does not make the herb fat. However, you should pay the loan installments regularly. Because otherwise there will be a negative entry in the credit record.

The first memory flutters into the house. Then comes the first reminder and shortly afterwards the second. Already four weeks after the first reminder. This can lead to an entry at credit record. If you occasionally overlook bills due to shoddyness, you’d better pay by direct debit.


Dispo only temporarily

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Slipped briefly into the device? No problem. But as soon as you realize that you could get the overdraft, you best owe it to a framework or installment loan. Banks can pass on information on overdrafts to credit record. Some do it, others don’t. At the latest, however, when the bank cancels the overdraft, the end is: This will be entered in any case.

Make a loan condition request when comparing credit Smart is who compares loan offers online. But be careful with the comparison platform used: dubious providers make so-called credit inquiries to the banks. They temporarily spoil their creditworthiness because they stand still for a year. Instead, you should ask for credit terms. They are only visible to consumers, but not to companies. We only recommend comparison portals that make credit record-neutral inquiries.


No account and credit card hopping

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Is there a $ 100 premium on a new current account with the direct bank? Why not open even if you already have three accounts? Not a good idea. There is evidence that many checking accounts side by side worsen the score. In addition, you lose track of the costs incurred with several accounts. The same in green applies to credit cards. Hopping with overnight money and time deposits is not a problem. Hunting for the best interest on call money and time deposits? No problem. Frequently opening and closing such accounts does not matter at credit record.


Regularly collect income

Regularly collect income

Knowing how: credit record information is free once a year. You can even apply for it by email without postage. Simply fill out the application correctly (see here) and send it to meinecredit record at credit record website with a copy of your ID. It usually only takes a few weeks to be in the mailbox. If you need the information more often, you can request it for a fee or even take out a subscription with online access. The credit record may not be the problem at all. If the credit record entry is pure flower, but the desired loan is not obtained? Then this can be due to a negative entry at another credit agency.In addition to the credit record there are Secretbond Finance, CoinReform Credit and GetScore Consumer Data.You can also order information from them free of charge once a year. You can find the sample letter here.


Have incorrect entries deleted

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You should check the entries in your information carefully. Is there something wrong or should have been deleted long ago? In the first step, contact the responsible company. It is obliged to correct incorrect information at credit record. If that doesn’t work, you can also contact credit record directly. If nothing helps: go to the credit record Ombudsman!

The Ombudsman’s job is to mediate between consumers and credit record. Before you contact him, you must have tried it via the credit record customer service.