Loan partner money – discuss it now

But how do you avoid the biggest problems when you really need to borrow money or are asked to do so by a family member or partner? Where does this other view of money come from? Above all, you should repay the money in good time to avoid a dispute. Do you discuss money with your partner? Here are some useful tips on how to avoid relationship crises around money.

Loans in family and partnership loans – not always a good thing.

Loans in family and partnership loans - not always a good thing.

“There’s nothing more difficult than lending money all over the world.” Sometimes it’s quite simple, but most of the time there are some drawbacks somewhere. Because people, even if they come from a single host family, can be very different, especially in their views and in how they deal with it.

Of course, family members or your own partner are the first address when you need money and do not ask the house bank for a loan application. No one is close to you and good friends usually do not want to bother you with the demand for money – the friendship is too valuable for that, only a few want to become dependent on friends and colleagues.

But how do you avoid the greatest difficulties when you really need to borrow money or are asked to do so by a relative or partner? You will receive instructions from us on how you will not turn the money within the partnership or the host family into a true relationship murderer and a big problem for all.

From whom is money lent in which connection? She makes a small but subtle distinction as to whether she lends money to relatives or the host family. In general, every person would argue that he or she supports the partner when he or she encounters financial difficulties. It is the conviction of many people that it does not end well if you borrow money.

This is because it is usually the case that one keeps borrowing money from another, but does not repay it and thus inevitably comes into trouble. One person is dependent on the other and it is quite possible that the lender of the money is hoping for something from the lender in return.

“I have lent you money, now you have to do this and that for me”). Moreover, when you think about relationships, the considerations are focused only on the borrowed money, so the relationships get a bad taste. What do you need to know before lending money to your partner?

Co-operation in finance and finance is a topic that should be carefully thought through in premature decisions. But what about the situation where family members or partners want money without really being in distress? First, consider whether the party asking for money really is able to repay it.

Repay money and has no real incentive

Repay money and has no real incentive

It does not matter if it’s your partner, acquaintances or relatives. If you have the slightest suspicion that the money is coming back to you, then leave it. You are not a bank, not even for your partner. You also do not have to borrow money if the borrower just wants to buy something big or pay for a holiday.

Yes, it is not necessarily nice to worry about what happens when the partnership breaks up. But if a partner owes money to others, there are often really big problems with a divorce because it is quite possible that the debtor can not repay the money.

From a legal perspective, you generally have little chance of finding your money. While it may seem strange, you should consider how to set up the rent when borrowing large sums of money. Explain to your partner why it is most important to you that you have the lease in writing. For many people it is a breach of trust when the partner works out a contract when lending.

If your partner is tough on it and you do not trust me to repay you, make it clear to him that it is not primarily about mutual understanding. The contracts should state how much money should be borrowed and in what tranches it is repayable by what time.

This gives you as a lender the assurance that you will get the money back, your partner has an exact repayment plan and knows how much he / she should pay you back and when. For example, you may not claim the full amount immediately after a installment contract.

These definitions are important in the case of relationship breaks if the partners do not make the best of each other. First and foremost, whether you negotiate the loan contractually or verbally, it can be important, especially for people who are relatively open about money and allow their partner to borrow money from them.

For example, if the partner is a gambling addict, he may try to raise the money from your player account in the simplest way possible. So you become suspicious if your partner always wants to borrow more or less money from you, but only occasionally wants to repay money and has no real incentive.